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Reece, a struggling music student, visits the digitally-archived consciousness of a dead composer, hoping to coax the composer into writing a symphony that Reece will then pass off as his own. But the composer, Theo Price, struggles to connect to the real world long enough to create something new. To restore Theo's memory, Reece brings him artifacts from the outside world, which then triggers Theo's memories of past inspirations - primarily, Theo's first serious love affair. Soon, the work is finished, but when Reece submits it to his professor, he realizes that Theo has tricked him: the piece isn't new at all, it's a fairly well-known work. Accused of plagiarism and threatened with expulsion - not to mention the destruction of his own love affair - Reece confronts Theo, who argues that this entire process has taught Reece exactly what it means to be a composer - and what it means to be alive. The Consciousness tells Reece and Theo's story utilizing a four-act symphonic structure, weaving between the past and the present to present a dynamic picture of creativity and its connection to our humanity.

Reading and Workshop: March 15-16, 2019, Columbus Ohio, Wild Goose Creative Gallery Space

Production: May-June 2019 (exact details coming soon!)