One-Acts and Short Plays

One-acts and short plays with upcoming and past performances are list below. To inquire about additional one-acts and short plays, and to see sample pages, please reach out to me directly or visit my page on the New Play Exchange.

  • Across the Room - 2 males - At a glitzy cocktail reception, two men lock eyes across the room and immediately experience a connection. They try to make their way to one another, but find it difficult to navigate past the other guests in the crowded room. Except the room is actually empty - the other guests are invisible - and it may be more than other people that are standing in the way of the meeting. It may be the men themselves. (Drama) (Performed at Emerald Theatre Company in September 2018)

  • American Love (pictured above) - 2 females, 3 males - Danny is an awkward high-schooler who can’t seem to find the right words to ask his crush, Lisa, to the prom. Tara, Danny’s best friend, is skeptical that Americans are even capable of discussing their feelings in a meaningful way, exposing the insufficiency of the word ‘love’ through a decades-long journey through Danny’s life. (Comedy) (Was performed during the “Native Voices” festival in Orlando, Florida, produced by the Playwrights’ Round Table, November-December 2018).

    • Audience Choice Award: Best Overall Show, Best Script, Best Director, Best Cast

  • Boards and Glue and… - 1 female, 2 males - Following a disastrous concert performance, a young violinist considers throwing her violin - a priceless Stradivarius - off the side of the Staten Island Ferry. In making this difficult choice, she verbally spars with an embittered symphony director, takes calls from her conniving little brother, and even enlists the help of the audience. (Comedy) (performed by Sundog Theater, Inc. in February-March of 2019)

  • Five Word Recall - 3 females, 3 males - Three distinct, five-word phrases shake the foundations of three relationships: "I'm in love with you," "I want to get married," and "Let's just go for it." (Comedy) (Performed at MadLab Theatre in May 2018)

  • Girl - 3 females, 2 males - A young competitive swimmer tries to process the news that her unusually-high testosterone levels have put her competitive future into doubt. As she decides whether or not to continue competing, she relives the moments of her life that have defined what it means to be a “girl.” (Drama) (Finalist for Little Black Dress Ink’s ONSTAGE initiative, to be performed by theaters around the country in 2019)

“Inevitable,” performed by FUSION Theater in 2018

“Inevitable,” performed by FUSION Theater in 2018

  • Inevitable (pictured above) - 1 females, 2 males - A data scientist maps out a network to predict the complex twists and turns of one of life's most unfathomable mysteries: love. Whatever path he takes, this is going to end badly. (Comedy) (2018 Andaluz Jury Award-Winner and Audience Award Winner at FUSION Theatre Company, performed in June 2018) (Selected for the Midwest Dramatists Convention, 2019) (Finalist, Rover Dramawerks 2019)

  • "Manages somehow to capture not one but a multiplicity of lives in a funny, energetic, highly charged, fast-moving and thoroughly engaging 10 minutes or so of marvelous theater. It is nothing less than a tour de force...pure magic." - Wally Gordon, Talkin' Broadway

  • “The Late Repentant” - Elise won’t stop taking drugs - and her best friend, Mary, won't stop coming to her rescue. After a particularly difficult night, Mary is finally fed .up and demands to know why Ava refuses to get clean and seek help. Both women know that the answer might change their relationship forever. (Drama) (Performed at Funky Little Theater Company in Colorado Springs, July-August of 2018)

  • A Logical Seduction - 1-2 males, 1 gender non-binary - Skylar is contemplating changing his life for a career move, including cutting his shallow ties with friends and lovers, when his android assistant, Kai, begins acting strangely; specifically, Kai seems to be attempting a seduction. Skylar is confused - and a little panicked - until he realizes the true reason for Kai’s behavior is a belief that a relationship would increase their chances of being taken along on the move. By the end of the play, Skylar is forced to confront the low priority relationships have had in his life, including his very-human relationship with his android. (Comedy) (To be performed at the Paragon Theater Festival in Chicago, November of 2019)

  • Next Year - 1 female, 1 male, 2 gender non-binary - Edie and Steve are meeting at a posh restaurant to celebrate an important anniversary: for exactly twenty-seven years, they have been blissfully divorced. As they reaffirm how happy their lives are without one another, they begin to realize this yearly ritual has created a new and different relationship - which may open up possibilities for the future. (Comedy) (performed at Rockport New Years Eve Festival, Dec-Jan of 2018-2019) (to be performed by the Gulfport Community Players Summer Festival in July of 2019).

  • The Pledge - 1 female, 2 males - Terry and Hazel are trying to be the ‘perfect parents,’ but there is one thing they can’t agree on: Terry wants to tell their son THE TRUTH about everything, while Hazel sees the good in keeping some things from their young son. When the family pet unexpectedly dies, the couple navigates the tricky subject of what to tell kids, and when. (Comedy) (Finalist: “Pick of the Vine” Festival, Little Fish Theater, 2018)

  • Third Round Knockout - 5-6 females - Amanda, a deaf MMA fighter, is preparing for an important match-up when her estranged sister unexpectedly shows up. Amanda channels the anger and grief at her sister’s past treatment of her into the fight, exposing and celebrating her own vulnerabilities. (Drama) (Finalist: “Theatre for All” Festival, Queens Theatre, 2018)

  • The White Millennium - 1 female, 1 male - When a couple is faced with emptying their house after a divorce, they come across a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne that they had been saving for “a special occasion.” They begin to argue about whether or not they should open it now, and relive moments from the past when they should have done so. (Drama/Comedy) (To be performed at the Student-Directed One-Act Festival, Valencia College in April of 2019)